Other Projects

Beyond my Charcoal, Digital Art and Photography I also want to showcase some of my other projects. Here I have listed multiple different types of things I have worked on and am currently working on. Please feel free to browse through the different pages.

Concept Art

Here you can see concept artwork that I did for a company called Simply Complex Games (SCG) as well as ideas that I have designed myself. I worked with SCG from 2013 - 2015. They were making a 2D, heavily art based platformer game for Playstation.

Gnomon Projects

Projects from the classes I attended while in the BFA program at Gnomon from 2016 - 2018.

Animation examples

Here you can see short frame- by - frame animations I made. 

Non-Digital Sculpture

Various projects that involved creating a structured form that could stand up on its own.  

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Miranda Mead

Santa Barbara, CA