Artist - Photographer - Video Gamer - Animal lover

My name is Miranda Mead. I am a 24 year old artist who loves to draw, paint and create.  I have earned two Associates Degrees: one in Media Arts and the other Animation. I also earned two certificates in Video Game Design and Mobile Media Arts at Santa Barbara City College. I attended the Gnomon School of Visual Effects from 2016-2018 and completed course work in the BFA of Digital Production and Design. As much as I enjoyed the opportunity, I realized that my passion was in traditional art / graphic design and not 3D production. As you can tell, I adore drawing and like to dabble in many types of media. I have my original charcoal pieces on display at Java Station in Santa Barbara, CA. I do charcoal pet portraits, fan art, and specialty prints. I have always loved creating art ever since I was a child. I started taking photos of flowers on my mom's Sony camcorder when I was 7 years old. By age nine I was selling my photography in boutiques like Firefly  in Santa Barbara.  I learned how to draw digitally using a Wacom Intous tablet in Photoshop when I was 11 and I have been drawing for commission for the last 8 years. I was hired in 2013 as a concept artist for Simply Complex Games where I drew fantasy characters for a prototype platformer game. Being creative and collaborative with others brings me a great amount of joy in life. I have a thirst for knowledge and am always trying to better my skills as an artist. 

Miranda Mead

Santa Barbara, CA